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If so, The Ottley Law Firm can help you. If you face deportation removal, wish to apply for a visa or green card, or need help with another immigration concern, we have the experience to help you solve your immigration problems. Contact us for additional information and assistance. The Ottley Law Firm provides clients with legal assistance to obtain immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Our law firm can address many of the common immigration problems faced by our clients, including:


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I have encountered many people who have tried to file their immigration papers by themselves. Some of them have been successful and many of them have encountered serious problems with their application, including denial. Therefore, I always encourage my audiences at my immigration presentations to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer before proceeding to file and submit an application to the United State Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). I believe that a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney could yield several benefits for an applicant. Even if the applicant does not retain the attorney to file the entire application for them, the consultation may clarify certain important aspects of the law, remove certain misconceptions that the applicant may have had about the application or procedure. The consultation will also help to identify problems that the applicant may not have anticipated, given their immigration or criminal history. The consultation may also help them to identify the best course of action for them considering their particular circumstances. In any event, here are the seven reasons why you should hire an experienced immigration attorney to help you with your immigration matter.

  1. You should use an experienced immigration attorney if there are any known complications of your application. Such as, if you have filed an application before and it was denied. If you were convicted of a crime. An experienced immigration attorney would be able to explain to you the immigration problems that can result from your criminal conviction. He or she can also analyze the reason for your denial of any prior applications. To continue proceeding without an attorney, knowing these circumstances, will increase the chances of the government removing or deporting you from the United States.
  1. You should use an experienced immigration lawyer if you are seeking a green card through marriage. Especially in the event where you were recently married and you do not have any children as a result of the marriage. The government will probe deeply into your marital relationship. You as an applicant bear the burden of proving to the government that you qualify for the benefits that you are applying for. Therefore, the person applying for you, and you, must prove to the government that you both have entered into a bona fide marriage and intend to spend a life together. An attorney can help you to gather the necessary evidence to establish the bona fides of the marriage. An attorney could also help to prepare you for the immigration interview. The attorney may attend the immigration interview with you and although the attorney cannot give any immigration evidence, the presence of an attorney during the interview can be very helpful to you. Your attorney would have firsthand knowledge of the circumstances of the interview and be able to advocate on your behalf to the adjudicator of the immigration interview.
  1. You should use an experienced immigration attorney if you have been convicted of any crime. If you have been convicted of a serious crime, this would tend to make your application very complicated and if you do not fully explain your situation and obtain all of the necessary documents related to your criminal charge, there is a higher chance that USCIS would deny your application. The attorney would be able to make all of the legal arguments to minimize the negative impact of your criminal conviction. The attorney would also be able to advocate for your rights in the event that the government has made a mistake of fact or law in your case.
  1. You should hire an experienced immigration attorney to assist you, if your application is one that is particularly complicated and would require legal research to clarify some of the issues of your case. After clarifying the important issues of your case, the attorney can then come up with successful solutions for obtaining the immigration benefit. An experienced immigration attorney will be able to properly advise you of the best course of action under your particular circumstances. He or she would be able to explain the different cost, timeframe and the difficulty in obtaining a particular immigration benefit.
  1. You should hire an experienced immigration lawyer to represent you even if you have not been convicted of a crime, but instead has been arrested several times. Even though there has not been any convictions, USCIS will require that you produce all of your dispositions and all of the sealed portions of your criminal records so that they can review these to see if you have admitted to any crime. In the event that you have admitted to a crime, if the statute of limitations of the crime has not yet passed, you may face federal criminal charges. In addition, you may be under the mistaken belief that you were not convicted, because you were not placed in prison. An experienced immigration attorney would obtain all of your criminal records and review them to address anticipated problems of your application. He or she would then be able to explain to you your best options under your particular facts and circumstances.
  1. You should also hire an experienced immigration attorney, if you have been the victim of abuse by your spouse, parent or child. If your abuser was a lawful permanent residence or US citizen, you may be able to self-petition to obtain your green card. You would not need any help from your abuser. However, these are complicated cases and will require the contribution of your doctor, social worker, police officer, pastor, community organizations, shelters, family and friends. The immigration lawyer would need to assess the contribution of the supporting parties and to analyze their contributing affidavits for effectiveness, clarity, personal knowledge and support of your application. Without the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney, many good abuse cases are either not filed or are eventually denied for failure to respond to USCIS’ request for evidence.
  1. You should also hire an experienced immigration attorney when you are sure that you’re not capable of doing internet research to educate yourself about the immigration laws or when you do not have command of the English language to read and understand the application instructions. You should consult with an experienced immigration lawyer if you feel a sense of hopelessness about your chances of successfully applying for your immigration benefit. We have the resources to know the changes in the immigration laws and how those changes would specifically affect your application. An immigration attorney would be able to address your particular circumstances and may be able to defend you against your deportation and removal from the United States.